The best therapist for any client is one where the client feels they can trust their therapist. In such a collaboration  beneficial change can evolve out of a trusting relationship. Research has shown that the relationship between the client(s) and the therapist is the main factor for such change. I regularly seek feedback from my client(s) as to how the work is progressing, always wanting to work with them in a collaborative and constructive way.


I predominantly work within a systemic model but my work is underpinned by a depth of knowledge of many theories of how change occurs. A particular focus of the systemic model is on the relationships between people and how everyone might change together.  This way of working recognises that internal emotions and distress are formed in contexts and relationships. They are not an essential part of the person, but have developed through relationships over time. By looking, together, across a range of behaviours, feelings, emotions, meanings and beliefs, I work with clients to find alternative ways of being that can lead to reductions in distress and greater happiness in life. Systemic Therapies also focus on other factors that may have contributed to people feeling diminished. 

I have many years of experience in working with a range of client struggles. Whilst I specialise in couples, family therapy and eating disorders I also work with a broad range of personal difficulties.


Please contact me if you would like an informal discussion so that we can decide together whether my approach may be right for your circumstances.